08 July 2013

Exploring York

Since I'd come to York I'd seen my house, the university, South Wales, Liverpool, and Amsterdam.It was time to see some of York! And the opportunity arose; Hugh would come visit me. And even though he'd done a more thorough explore of the town already a few years ago, he was keen to see revisit some sights, and see some he'd missed the previous time.

Only a short while after my house got ready for his visit I went to the railway station to pick him up, and whisk him home. He was impressed with my house! It's a lot more snug than his. And after a lunch in the courtyard we went on our way; we wanted to see the Minster. And that was well worth it! It was a bit a pity I had only admired the Old Church in Amsterdam only a week ago; there's nothing like the York Minster to make that very impressive church seem insignificant. We went up the tower and down into the undercroft, and time flew. By the time we came out it was time for a pint!

The quire of the Minster

The Minster seen from its roof

 The view west from the central tower

Friends had recommended me a number of pubs. We managed 3 out of 5, and a bonus 4th that was our own initiative! And in between pubs we went to the vegetarian restaurant; the only one I know of. All of that was very nice! It was also nice to exchange tales of growing roots in our respective new towns.

In pink evening light we went back. And fortunately, Hugh approved of the bed during the night. So the next day we were refreshed for a visit to the Yorkshire Museum! We had initially thought to also visit the castle museum, but we ran out of steam, so after lunch on the river bank we just went back for some Sunday laziness. And then I brought him back to the station. The castle museum will have to wait, just like the railway museum. I hope he'll be back!

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