02 April 2013

More decluttering

Very soon I'll have to move house. I don't like moving house! And the more stuff you have, the more unpleasant it is. So my attempts at getting rid of stuff, such as getting rid of old stuff, more old stuff, books, photo albums, and whatnot have been reinvigorated. Freecycle didn't quite do it for me due to its user-unfriendly site, which clogs up your mailbox in no time, so I returned to eBay. I struggle to throw things away that are still functional! And eBay is a good way to find out if there are other people who still have use for what you want to discard. And I am still making beginners' mistakes, so I might for now be actively limiting my chances of getting rid of stuff and of not working at a loss, but hey, one learns. I already sold one book! And I've learned a few things, so it should get better from now on. Who knows! Maybe I manage to reduce my stuff considerably before I ask a removal company to take care of it all...

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