17 August 2012

Finally! The big Barents Sea paper!

It was more than three years ago I left the Norwegian Polar Institute. And now, the major piece of work resulting from it has been accepted. Sometimes science is a slow process.

I submitted it after I had left. We sent it in early 2010. It came back with lots of reviewers’ comments. Justified comments. I revised the manuscript and sent it back. It went through review again. And again. I struggled to find time to do all these revisions, as I also have this inconvenient situation called a day job. Only a few weeks ago I dedicated some days to the last revisions, and sent it in yet again. I thought the manuscript had to go through review again. I already was tired at the mere thought.

And then, when I least expected it, an e-mail came. It had been accepted! As it was! It’s over! And it still has to be formatted and checked, so it can’t even be found online yet, and it might take a while, but that’s all a trifle. I’m glad now! Don’t worry I won’t mention it here when it appears online...

Some of the forams involved in the study; these would be ~1/4 mm

So what is it about? Changes in the foraminifera ecology on the bottom of the Barents Sea. The cold water species are vanishing. And the biggest changes happen, roughly speaking, where the ice edge is in the spring maximum ice extent. I’ll get into detail on the science blog...

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