14 August 2012

Congratulations to Jon

“Picture or it didn’t happen!” Or “blog post or it didn’t happen”? I rarely blog about event I can’t illustrate with suitable pictures. And then it seems like such events never happened. Last Saturday there was a memorable party: Jon turned 40. And I tend to shy away from taking pictures at social occasions; for one thing, I tend to be busy socialising, and for another, I don’t like feeling like a paparazzo.

Jon organised a big party for family, friends and colleagues; he’d rented his entire local haunt for the entire evening. At six in the evening it was crowded already. It had the atmosphere of a wedding; there was themed decoration everywhere, there was a wedding cake, there was a speech, there was singing, there was a commemorative book with a collage of pictures, there were embarrassing gifts... it was a good party!

The party ended (for us) in style; when the pub closed, four of us decided to share a cab home. But the pub is quite far away from everything, so we were told we might have to wait for an hour. We decided to walk instead. I would otherwise never walk that far! And lots over unlit park paths. Paul and Lou, the other two, were carrying a bottle of whisky around; that was handed to them by a colleague, with the message “ a wedding present! I had given it to Jon so he could give it to you, but he drank it, so I had to buy another bottle... here it is!” We almost had a swig on a pitch dark path. Thanks to Jon, his spiffing parties, and his inappropriate behaviour regarding wedding presents. Here’s to the next ten years! 

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