19 August 2021

Travelling window closing

For most of the past one and a half years, I could only travel to the Netherlands if I was willing to go into self-isolation for 10 days afterwards. That recently changed! After a visit to the Netherlands, I could now just go straight home and resume my normal life. Does that mean I have one foot over the border already? Unfortunately not. As things stand now, I can only visit the Netherlands if I am willing to go into self-isolation for 10 days upon arrival. The Dutch are not so keen on people travelling in from the UK with its rampant Delta variant! And I can understand that. But it is already late August now, and for me, the academic year already starts in early September. So that means it is very unlikely I will travel this summer.
One might ask why I don't just go and self-isolate at my mother's place, but I think being cooped up in her house won't do anything for our relationship. I am also not quite sure if I could just go back before the 10 days are up. Could I just go to use public transport within the 10 days to get back, either to the airport or to the Eurostar terminal? But as I can think of nicer things to do with my time than house arrest, that is mainly an academic question.
Last year I managed to sneak to the Netherlands in the brief window in which there were no self-isolation obligations in either direction. I did not foresee that the situation the summer after would be even worse! I still think it will get better, but when? Will we get a winter wave? Time will tell…

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