20 August 2021

Surprise visit from someone who knew my house well

 I was just working on this very blog when, through the window, I saw an unknown man approach my house with a folder in his hand. Then I heard knocking. What was this? I was going to find out.

When I opened the door the man introduced himself as Chris, the partner of Rose, the previous owner of the house, who had died earlier this year. I was surprised to hear who he was, and glad to meet him. And I offered my commiserations. He briefly explained that he had been rummaging through her paperwork, and came across some documents associated with legal wrangling between Rose and Neuadd Ogwen. He figured I might have some use for them! I thought it was very kind of him, and asked him if he wanted to come in. He said he was with friends; I suggest they come in too. And they did!

the paperwork

Chris explained that he had spent a lot of time in this house. I could imagine! And even his two friends knew it well; they had come to stay over many times back in the days. And then we drank tea while talking about the house then end now, about Bethesda and then now, about how it feels to be back in a house that has so many memories, and all that kind of stuff. It was really nice! I really hadn't seen that coming. They didn't stay long, though; they were actually underway to see someone else entirely. 

Later that day I popped by the neighbour's; he had looked after the cat when I was on the Slate Trail, and I wanted to give him a token of my thanks. And who was in his living room? The same entourage! So we continued the gossiping about the village. I found out that both my apple tree and my plum tree had been planted by Chris and Rose. They are still greatly appreciated!

It was nice to meet them all. I hope they drop by next time they are in town. As Rose had lived in this house for almost 20 years, they must have made some good friends along the way. And I'll look after the house as well as I can in the meantime! And of the garden. I'm sure they must all have good memories of it, and maybe next time they can sit in it and reminisce...

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