29 December 2020

Trying indoor food growing

The main growing season can be considered closed. I'm still growing things outside; I have peas, leek, cabbage, kale, and cauliflower outside. And one of the cabbages already provided a meal! But I wanted to know if I could use the higher temperatures in the house for some additional vegetable growing. So I planted carrots, pumpkin, kohl rabi, and beetroot. Some of it is in the conservatory, which is only marginally warmer than it is outside, and some of it I tried in the main part of the house. And the results? Not good! I think the conservatory is too cold while the house is too dark.

find the beetroot!

Not a big cabbage by cabbage standards, but it was a nice meal!

When I was using some garlic in the kitchen, though, I noticed some of it was sprouting. So I decided I have one more go and plant the sprouting garlic clothes. And they did come up! I have no idea if they have any intention to grow a nice head of garlic, but we'll see. It's nice to see that at least something seems to think my house is a good place to grow!

the garlic in  the windowsill

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