20 December 2020

Sorting things out

I had called in sick on Monday afternoon. You can do that for a week. I was hoping that my sick note would come in before the end of that week, but it hadn't arrived by Saturday. So on Monday I had to start phoning around. I phoned my old GP and asked what the situation was. They said they had the sick note there, and that I could come and get it. Well OK then! I jumped in my car. Driving didn't feel good on my arms but it wasn't too bad. I got the sick note, and popped by a friend who lives near my old GP. It was nice to catch up in front of his house!

I went home and switched on the computer for the first time since setting my out of office reply. I had to scan the note and send it to my line manager. I also sent it to the occupational health nurse. She then sent a form for my manager to fill out, so she could start organizing adjustments for me. My manager then asked me to complete the form. Heck no! To be fair, he said that if I didn't feel able to do that, I could phone him. I did that, about five times, but he didn't answer. I left a voicemail, and even email to alert him to the voicemail. Days later he mailed me to ask if I had tried to phone him, and to ask if I had any teaching that wasn't covered. I found that rather problematic; he is my manager. He should know what my teaching is, and he is the one who should have organized people covering for me where needed. Sort it out, I am off sick!

At some point I had a discussion with the director of teaching and learning about my teaching. I am perfectly fine talking to people; they can just make a teams call that I can answer on my phone. What I am not so keen on, is doing anything that requires me rummaging through my files or something like that, as these are on my computer, and I don't want to have to switch that thing on. Anyway; I told him what I was teaching, which bits I had prepared to the extent that the students could work with my materials on their own, what lectures were already recorded and uploaded and which ones needed to still be prepared, and all that kind of stuff. All that would be taken care off!

For the rest I just continued with my routine; ice, ibuprofen gel, wrist splints, exercises and running.  And trying to stay away from my phone. And hope for the best! 

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