30 July 2017

Paper in the pipeline

A long, long time ago, we started a project on interglacial sea levels.  The next spring we went to the Nar Valley, in Norfolk, to do fieldwork. We were looking for marine sediments that were now on land, from times of extraordinarily high sea level. We found some that were some 300.000 to 400.000 years old. Success! Interpreting them, and placing it all in context, was not easy.

While we were still working on the project I moved to Bangor. Tasha was in charge of writing it all up. She moved to Leeds in the meantime, but that didn't stop her. She wrote the paper (with our help, of course), submitted it, got it back with minor revisions, and then did the revisions. It has been resubmitted! Hopefully, the journal (Quaternary Science Reviews) will now accept it as is and not send it out for review again. It would be nice to get this out into the world!

An Ammonia spp; these gave us a bit of a headache during that project

Scene from the 2012 fieldwork

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