27 July 2017

Applying for jobs again

As the university doesn't think it has a job for me after February 2018, I had to start scouring the job sites again. Not too intensely yet; most jobs advertised now would start before this contract ends. But some jobs are advertised a long way in advance. I noticed, back in the days (more than ten years ago!) when I applied for, and got, my job in Tromsø that Norwegian jobs spend a lot of time in the pipeline. By the time they invited me for interview I had already given up on the job. So when I found one possibly applicable job on the Norwegian job site, I found it would not start for another year. I am writing on it! It's rather exciting. I don't think I'll get it as everyone will want this job, and I do not fit their ideal candidate profile, but it's worth a shot. Wish me luck!


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