26 January 2017

Goodbye to James

It was a party. And a very sad day. Soon it will be February, so very soon James will be a resident of Cornwall, and an employee of Exeter University. But before he went, he decided to throw a party.

The sclerochronologists and the BRITICE people gathered at his place for a nice day. We just sat around chatting, had lunch, and went for a stroll in the sun. Not a long or fast one; we had two toddlers with us.

 Walking James goodbye

 It was a beautiful day

When we got back James showed us where he would live; he had found a delightful house to rent. Later we had dinner, and after that we played some games. It was all very low-key and pleasant. But very soon there will be a big gaping hole in the School of Ocean Sciences! We were all very aware of it. There were tears. But I do think James will be very happy there. Thanks James, for three lovely years! I hope we'll meet again.

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