01 January 2017

Annual Dutch Christmas visit

It was that time of the year again. Time to get to the Netherlands for the Christmas trip. It was good again! Of course my mother provided my basecamp and from there I travelled hither and thither. I was happy the travelling wasn't hectic; the day before I'd fly I suddenly felt a cold come up. It took me days to shake it off! My mother soon cut an old pillow cover up as my handkerchief just wasn't coping on its own. But if there ever is a time for taking it easy, drinking tea and blowing one's nose it is late December. I even managed to read one of my mother's books while I was there.

I visited my father and my sister, and their respective entourages, too. More drinking tea and taking it easy! On Christmas Day I was still poorly, so I went to bed rather early. I ended up going at the same time as my niece with whom I would share a room. She always gets masses of family kissing her goodnight; I scored a few too this time! A happy by-product of faltering health.

I saw some friends too; Roelof, of course, and I visited my old MSc supervisor. I hadn't seen him in three years! But we just pick up again where we left off. I also went for a few beers and dinner in den Bosch (of all places) with six of my old PhD mates. We still pretty much all look the same but the number of wedding rings and children is growing!

No chasing of wedding rings for me, but I did go for dinner with Floor, the man who broke up with me in 2008 and whom I have been able to meet up with with dry eyes since only about a year and a half. Time takes the sharp edges off anything!

Altogether it was nice but not many unexpected things happened. But I got back feeling a whole lot better than when I arrived! Bring on 2017!

With my sister on the foggy moor

Leiden at its dreamiest

 Den Bosch, also in the fog

The book I read. It's very gripping!

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