02 December 2016

Five weeks of work

The last day of my employment at Bangor University was November the 30th. So am I unemployed now? No! On the 29th I finally received confirmation that I got 185 hours of work paid by Sheffield University, finishing up some unfinished business from the BRITICE project. The first task would be: sieve out the samples I collected from Nottingham. I already sorted I get to keep my desk, computer, log-in, key card, keys to the labs, etc etc. And I get to decide myself when I spend these 185 hours! I do look forward to only working the hours I get paid for. That hasn't happened to me since, eh, I suppose, the job as a coffee lady I had between finishing my MSc and starting my PhD! But of course, in this upcoming job, I will go into the office and do unpaid work anyway; I have my PGCertHE to finish, and there is always stuff to publish. So in practice, nothing at all may change!

And after these five weeks? Well, it is still not entirely clear what will happen with James' teaching. And as long as that is not known it is possible I will be hired to do it. It is, of course, also possible I won't, so I have started applying for other jobs. Stay tuned! No rut to be stuck in for me yet...

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