31 March 2016

Good Friday walk

The university would be closed for six days. Not just the usual Easter stuff, but also the day before and the one after. I had plenty of chores to do but all chores and no play makes Margot a dull girl, so when the forecast for Friday was nice I decided a small walk was in order. A good choice! It was a great spring day. I chose a mountain I had driven by a lot but had never been on top of: Mynydd Mawr (translation: big mountain; how imaginative. And it's only 700m!). It was about time!

Scenic start of the path

The Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railways sometimes trundle past

Llyn Cwellyn and Mynydd Mawr on the right
Out of the woods, into the fields

It's windy here sometimes; the path had suffered a bit

View from the windy top

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