19 January 2016

University in doldrums

I like it here. I like my job and the School of Ocean Sciences and Wales and Welsh. And I don’t like upping my sticks once again and starting from scratch elsewhere. But it looks increasingly likely I will have to at the end of my contract.

Recently I received an email from our dean. It detailed the financial situation of the university. After all the building malarkey, it wasn’t a big surprise the news wasn’t good. But it was worse than I thought. It said “the university will not make any new or replacement appointments until further notice”. That’s it, then! No jobs here. And it also means Bangor University has become a bad employer. If they don't replace anyone I bet they expect the people still there to do the work of whoever leaves, in addition to their own work. And everybody will be overworked already. It’s a sad affair. But at least I have another year to enjoy this place. Who knows where I’ll end up after this!

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