18 January 2016


I run. And now I also climb. The running keeps me fit and my legs strong. Now I climb I also get stronger in the arms; the once a week session probably already helps, but I do some exercises (like pull-ups) to build up my strength quicker. Strength helps a lot on a climbing wall! But then I figured it's a bit daft to have strong legs, be in the process of getting strong arms, but to ignore everything in between. I figured I needed to boost my core strength too. And how did I go about it? Well, as most people who at least kid themselves sometimes they are living in the 21th Century: I got myself an app for it!

I went for the first app that presented itself: Sworkit. It had all sorts of training routines, so I soon had found the "core strength" option. I tried it with a 5 minute session. And I couldn't do it! After the first 30 seconds my stomach muscles were on fire. Oh dear. I had been not a day too early with deciding I needed to step up my game!

One day I accidentally hit the wrong button and did a "general workout". That involved all muscle groups. And that really brought the message home: the core strength exercises still killed me but the leg muscles and cardio exercises left me bored and unchallenged. I'm not very balanced yet! But with the app as a sports instructor I hope to sort that out. Maybe not quite a new year's resolution, but I hope to be generally strong at the end of the year!


Anonymous said...

of je gaat roeien! Hoef geen afzender te vermelden denk ik :-)

Margot said...

Dat zou het ook doen, maar dat moffel je niet even in vijf minuten tussen boodschappen doen en fietsketting smeren!