09 September 2015

Back underground

The advantage of coming back from holiday on a Wednesday is you get to see your underground friends very soon after you come back. If you are a Thursdaynighter, that is. And I am! We would even do a mine I hadn't been to. And one with rope work! And a filthy one too. Couldn't be better.

The mine in question had many separate parts; with Edwyn I first scampered up the hill to have a sneaky look in some of the bits we wouldn't explore today, but which we hadn't seen yet (the others had). That was nice! By the time we got to the others they had rigged the pitch, and I went first. It was a nice drop! I scampered around at the bottom a bit; I was in a bit of an unusual mood, just back from holiday. I was quite happy just sitting on a rock and chatting with the others, rather than obsessively exploring every cold, wet, grotty level there was. And after a while we went back up. By the time we were all back we discussed if we should do part 2 of the intended trip; I figured it would get too late. This time the others agreed!

As it hadn't gone excessively late we made it to a pub. It was nice to catch up a bit! And in two weeks' time we will do part 2. I like it that way!

Going down... (pic by Edwyn)

 ...and coming back up (pic by Edwyn)

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