19 June 2015

Last exam

I had missed the opportunity to do the beginner's Welsh exam in January, as I would have had to register in summer, and I had found out too late. That wouldn't happen to me again! As soon as registration opened I registered for the next opportunity to do it. And while I was at it, I registered for the next one too. I mean, I could easily do the beginners' one now, in six months I should be able to do the next one up too. And then I registered for the next one up from there, the GCSE, not because I thought I would be ready but because my tutor Jenny thought I would be, and because I didn't want to miss out in case I indeed would turn out to be able to pass it.

By the time the exams approached I ditched the beginners' one; that would really be a waste of time. Too easy! And I felt good about the GCSE, so there wasn't that much pressure on me for the other one, the Sylfaen exam. That was why I had gone underground the night before. My efforts to lug David out of that mine resulted in me being home at midnight (the mind reels thinking how late it could have been if I hadn't done any lugging), which wasn't very good preparation. I woke up with a bit of a headache. Then I got the news of Phil's accident just before the start.

The exam started with reading; I find that the easiest. I was done in 10 minutes, while we had 40 minutes for it. Then we did writing, which I was confident about as well. Not very exciting topics; I wrote a farewell letter to an imaginary friend and a newspaper article about learning Welsh. Then we did the lsitening part; I am confident I did that flawlessly. Then the written part was over; I now had some 2 hours for lunch.

I decided to first have a kip in the grass. I was knackered! I then bought some apples as I was running out, and then I did some reading for work. No use preparing for the oral part! That would have to be improvised.

Finally, the time came for the oral part. I didn't do excessively well I think, but hey, good enough for Sylfaen. So no I can only wait for the results to come in. They are expected in August. Hopefully, early August!

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