10 June 2015

Above-ground week with beer in the sun

I flew home on Tuesday. I would do my big Welsh exam on Wednesday. Then I would go underground again on Thursday. I would probably be tired on Friday. But it didn't work out that way! Except the being tired.
I came back to find the Thursday trip moved to Friday. That day was our College of Natural Sciences Grad School Summer Party! Is that important? Not particularly; it's just a bit of boozing in the botanical garden with colleagues. But, in a way, it is; I'm still on a mission to make my life more sociable, and colleagues matter. I wanted to go! And I was very aware that that party would allow me to be home early, while an underground trip never does. And the day after I would have another exam prep class from 9.30 on, immediately followed by a longish bike ride to Caernarfon, for Jaco's birthday. I could do with a bit of rest! And having been gone for a week, the sheer bulk of work that needed to be done before the cruise collapsed heavily on my shoulders. So on Thursday night I just worked until late. And on Friday I did go to the CNS GS SP (to be a bit more concise). I was home by 18:30. Good work! Maybe not spectacular, but maybe a combination of hard work and a relaxing Friday were quite what was needed. The underground will wait until next week!

Juan waiting for me to bike back to Anglesey at the end of the party

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