28 November 2014

New ground under my running shoes

My mind had been taking all the exercise lately. Running had been reduced to a short run only on Saturdays and Sundays. But I wanted that to be only temporary. And with the worst of the teaching over I figured I could scout out new terrain. So I figured I should have a look at the coastal path on the other side of Britannia Bridge. So I did!

I found out it wasn't very good running terrain. A lot of it went over a narrow, steep, rocky, seaweed-infested beach. Running there would be daft! But it was very beautiful. I was glad I had gone! And now I know. And if I want a longer running route on asphalt (for wet days during which all cute paths are swamps, or runs in the dark) I can just follow the road a bit further.

Lord Nelson keeping watch over the Strait

On the Sunday I decided to run along the surface works of Parys Mountain. It's very beautiful! You need to have a bit of time, though; it a 30 minute drive. But I went! And my timing was bad; the sun came out when I was pretty much done running. I bet these colours are even better in blazing sunshine! But what can you do. It was a nice run. And now I can happily go back to my standard route for the week! I'll have to seriously get back into it; I have a trail half marathon lined up! 

The amazing open pit. Notice the head gear in the distance

Notice the bad weather gear

 And this is what it looked like from the other side, on my way back.

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