11 November 2014

Iceland paper accepted!

In late summer 2009 I went to Iceland, for fieldwork. Processing the materials and the data took a while. Figuring out what it meant did too. It was 2013 by the time the manuscript was sent off. We tried Earth and Planetary Science Letters first; rather glamorous, but hey, if you don't try... It got rejected.

Picture from the 2009 fieldwork

We sent it to Climate Dynamics. They rejected it too. Then we sent it to Quaternary Science Reviews. They sent it to the (in my eyes) overly critical reviewer that had had it before. This person hadn't lost any of his under-appreciative nature! And we had reached 2014 by that time. Another heavy round of revision followed. And just after the cruise I sent it in again. I was afraid it would go back to the reviewers. And the one mentioned above would surely still find fault in it! The thought alone made me tired.

But then the editor had a long hard look at the manuscript, and at what we had done to it, and how we had justified all that. And he figured it actually was quite good. And if the editor thinks that, that's it!

I had JUST had a look on the Elsevier website to see if really nothing had happened with my manuscript. No, nothing had. And then: ploink! An email from the editorial office. It was accepted! I was so glad. This manuscript had just taken so much energy. Now it's out of our hands! Now we only have to publish some late articles about that project, on which I am not the first author, so that's less work. And then there are the iGlass manuscripts we still have to write. The work is far from over! But the big hurdle is now taken. It's not online yet; it still has to be processed and type-set and whatnot. But soon: another Saher et al. paper sees the light of day!

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