30 April 2014

Weekend run

I now have an established working day running route, which is rather spiffing, but when I wanted to go for a run on a Saturday I decided to go elsewhere. Running is a great way to see some of a country! And the Dutch chap in the office opposite me, who runs too (probably a lot faster than me) had recommended the Anglesey Coastal Path. So I thought I'd give it a try! I found a nice stretch along cliffs on the map and went thence. It was a beautifully sunny day! I scampered along the well-maintained and well-marked path, and took forever, as the route came past nice views and cute beaches and impressive cliffs all the time. And some nice people. I think I should do this more often!

I parked in Red Wharf Bay

It was a nice path for running

The path (the steps give it away) ran past and over some nice cliffs

Me squinting against the sun

It reminded me of Cornwall...

Nice fossil corals, too!

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