09 April 2014

Inaugural dinner

When I moved to York, I went on a caving weekend after a week in town. This time I take things easier (am I getting old?) and after a week I just threw a very modest dinner party. I had invited my two nearest colleagues: James and Katrien, and also my office mates: Paul and Stella. Paul knew he couldn't make it, and James had to join that point of view later on, so it became a girl's night in. The day had been rainy, but the late afternoon was bright, so we started out with a few beers (Belgian! Thanks to Katrien) in the last rays of sun in the garden. And when the sun vanished, so did we. Dinner time!

After dinner we had some wine in the lounge. Both ladies were impressed with how soon I had got my house in order. I must say, I'm quite pleased with it myself! But then I mentioned the garden, and the fire bowl I had bought before even getting to the house. They liked the sound of that! So we adjourned to the back of the house, and with combined talents assembled the brand new bowl. And soon had a fire going! I brought the whisky out too. And all the while the stars overhead got brighter. It was a lovely way of baptizing my new abode! And I think I'll soon do it again, this time with James and Paul!

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