17 February 2014

Frankenstein caving suit

I remembered noticing the wear and tear on my caving suit the previous time I was wearing it. This suit would soon need some repairs! But it happened sooner than I thought. As I mentioned; on my clumsiest caving night in a while (not the worst ever!), which was the next trip that warranted a suit, I felt it rip. Oh dear. I went home, hung it out to dry, and plotted the death of a backpack. I had one backpack with a buggered zip. If you were very careful you could still use it; but it was clear it was on the way out. I decided on euthanasia. I took a panel out of the bag, cut it square, melted the frays, put glue on the edge and pinned it into place. Bits of mud fell all around me. If I hadn't lost the camera on the last trip I would have bothered to get a bit more clean! This substantial job would have to be done in the kitchen. One can't do this on carpet! And while sewing away I suddenly saw another tear. Oh dear. This would be a big job. And would it even last? The whole damage resulted from extensive belly-crawling. Wouldn't the stitches wear through in no time? I decided to order a new suit. But this one might last for a while more. For less demanding trips!

The two finished repairs. How long would they last?

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