08 February 2014

Bangor - it will be home

I got it!
I had been sieving samples in the lab, purposefully wearing rather tight jeans, so I would feel the vibrations of my phone if a call or email would come in. But still I couldn't help getting ot out once in a while, checking if I perhaps had missed something. I had been told I would hear from Bangor that very day! And then I took it out and saw a missed call. And an email. From James. If I could give him a call. I pulled my iPod out of my ears, put sieve and sample down, took off the lab coat and ran to my office, slodging with adrenaline. I phoned James' office; no answer. I phoned his mobile. He answered.

He asked me how I was. A bit nervous, I said. He laughed and said there was no need for that as he was offering me the job. I had the job! I immediately accepted.

I will start on April 1st. It's soon! It'll be hectic. I will have to find a place to live in Bangor, pack my stuff, terminate my rental contract here, do as much on the current project as is reasonable... Try to spend a lot of time with friends, underground, or with friends underground so I enjoy Yorkshire as much as I can before leaving for different hunting grounds. I'll line up a caving club before even getting to Wales; doing something similar here in York was one of the smartest things I did. And maybe there's some sea kayakking going on there too. And certainly some Snowdonian hiking! I do remember, last time I was in North Wales, pondering what the nearest university would be, and dreaming of finding a job there. I thought I was being silly, but evidently dreams do come true!

The bridge to  Menai Bridge


Anonymous said...

Gefeliciteerd! Was al benieuwd, was nogal een cliffhanger op je blog... Wat fijn voor je. En succes met alle inpak en afscheidneem en verhuisstress.

liefs, grz,


Maaike said...

Ha, gefeliciteerd! En de zomphop is ook veilig!

Norwegian based swede said...

Yey, I suspected that you would get it, and I'm glad to have it confirmed. I'm much rather beaten by someone I've met. (Stumbled on your blog while checking out the competition...) Congratulations and best of luck!

Lourens said...

Veel plezier en geluk daar!
Nog meer van zulks!

Margot said...

Thanks Swede! It was lovely to meet you. And I trust we'll do so again!