20 December 2012

Jewellery bonanza

I am very lazy. Most of the time I can't be asked to put a tea bag in my hot water. I also tend to always wear the same earrings. I used to wear simple hoops; you can leave these in day and night. No time spent on them at all! But sometimes you lose these, for instance while taking off a shirt. And that happened.

I accidentally mentioned that back then to Neil, with whom I was walking through Totnes. He immediately dragged me into the nearest jeweller, where I picked a set of trilobite earrings (it was Totnes, after all). I wore them ever since. I still like them a lot. But I did start to feel, after more than a year, that maybe there was something to say for more variation. And you can just walk into the nearest jeweller and buy buckets full of them, but I prefer ornaments, if they're more conspicuous than a simple stud or hoop, to be significant in some way. So I started to search for something interesting on internet. And I found "Made with Molecules"; a website by a lady who traded science for jewellery-making. She makes ornaments in the shape of molecules of interest. She has, for instance, caffeine on offer, and testosterone. But I chose a pair of serotonine earrings. Serotonine matters!

And then I was on a roll. I accidentally came across Cornish engine house studs. Made with Crofty tin! Of course I bought these too. And then I remembered a weathered belemnite I had pulled out of the Oxford Clay in Peterborough; since recovery, it had broken lengthwise in two. A pair of earrings in the making! I drilled holes in both halves, and tried to fit metal wire through. One half shattered into pieces. The other half made it. That left an empty finding; I decided to hang a piece of coral I had recently found on the beach in it. From one pair of earrings to four in only a few weeks: not bad!

I even bought a banded iron pendant on the market! I'm turning into a veritable Christmas tree!


De zus in kwestie said...

Those are cool! I'm now choosing between serotonin and oxytocin. I like the simplicity of the serotonin one and, of course, its relation to my work, and the oxytocin one (to me) symbolizes empathy, which I somehow can appreciate, too. Hmm... have to think about it... Can't wait for the website to re-open.

De zus in kwestie said...

Prepare for the sister look!

Margot said...

Haha! I shall indeed. Oxytocin was too big and clumsy after all?

De zus in kwestie said...

What do you mean? Have you never solved a dilemma by taking both?

Margot said...

Aha! Even better. Funny to see serotonin is now sold out!