23 March 2012

Bogged down in work or underground mud?

How do you recognize a good scholar? By that they doggedly work on until they’ve got the job done well? Or by them making sure they have time for other relevant things, and just manage the job within the time that’s left? I tend to lean towards the former. The caving club has noticed that already; I often skip trip because I’m busy. And my friends have noticed too; I rarely come to the Netherlands, and I rarely join the foreign hiking trips that get organised. Because I’m busy. My relatives have noticed too: I don’t visit very often.

But there is something to say for the latter. It’s silly to work your arse off at the expense of someone like your mother. So I’ve planned a weekend in the Netherlands. I want to go to Helsinki somewhere this year. And on a smaller scale it shows too: I decided, all torn up by doubts and stress, to join this week’s caving trip. We went to a rather modest mine, but a pretty one! And somewhere in that mine there’s an ore chute you can climb up. It’s a bit dodgy but it can be done. I went further up than ever before; I even went further than Lionel was willing to go! And I must say: it helped. It does clear your mind. More proof for that I should become a more efficient and less workaholic scholar… I’ve made a start, but I still have quite a way to go!

A tantalising view: I've never been up that ladder! Maybe next time...

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De zus in kwestie said...

"I want to go to Helsinki somewhere this year."

Like like like like!