17 May 2011

Mine seen from the surface

The best way to see a mine is from below. I have by now seen more than 30 mines from the inside, and when an opportunity came along to, for a change, see one from the surface, our eyes guides by the expert knowledge of our own Rick, I wouldn’t let that slip. So on a sunny Sunday morning I drove my trusted vehicle to one of the few remaining intact surface structures of Devon Great Consols; the chimney, to add my modest person to an already sizeable crowd. I dare almost say my presence lowered the average age by many years, but these statistics only affected the speed with which we traversed the terrain, and not the atmosphere.

We walked past spoil heaps, dressing floors, leats, flat rod tracks, tram tracks, shafts, office buildings, and what have you, all in bright weather, and we all had a blast. There’s much, much more to see of this cluster of mines, but one can only see so much in a day. It was great to walk around there, with so many very knowledgeable people! It wasn’t just Rick who knew a lot about mining history. If there’ll be another walk on a different part of that mine I want to do that too. Mines are like everything else: the more you know about them, the more interesting they are!

The vice chairman of the Trevithick Society introduces our guide for the day: Rick! (with beard) 

One of the spoil heaps is now in use as a track for off-road bikers... 

Rick with one of the prettiest remaining structures: most likely a flat rod tower! 

 Do click to enlarge, so you can read the sign on the tree...

Some of these spoil heaps are big. And after all that time still barren! 

One of the most modern remains of the mine: a ball mill.  

It was a well-attended walk!


Anonymous said...

Ik neem aan dat je weet dat er op die afvalhopen niks groeit, omdat het vol arsenicum zit? Er schijnen daar zelfs As-tolerante regenwormen voor te komen :-)

Margot said...

Ik had er niet zo over nagedacht, maar aangezien dit na zijn bestaan als kopermijn ook nog een vooraanstaande arsenicummijn was ligt het wel voor de hand... Ik ga nog es terug en een wurm voor je zoeken!