31 May 2017

Back to the dig

We had neglected the dig for three weeks! That is a very long time. But after playing on Miles' ziplines, blowing up a manway, and going somewhere else entirely we would be back. On a Friday, this time. I was a bit tired after the night before but I wouldn't let an opportunity like that go.

The previous day I had walked up to the entrance in a tank top, with my caving suit (under- and oversuit) dangling down from the waist. That had already been awfully hot and this day it was even hotter. I just put all my kit in my bag (I had brought the big one) and walked up in the clothes I had been wearing (sandals, skirt and tanktop). That was so much nicer! I might do this more often.

I met Miles at the manager's office. I changed there and we went in. We would have a bit of a low key night; the drill was somewhere else so we couldn't blow things up. Oh dear! Now what? But I thought I could take the opportunity to retrieve some stuff from deeper in the dig; we didn't go there anymore, and whatever was in there was either of no use until we brought it back, or it was rubbish and we should clear it.

When I went in I came across another drill, with its drill bit stuck in. But well, a stuck drill bit is still a drill bit. I handed it to Miles through the squeeze and went on my way. Soon I saw the lights come on; he had started the generator. And then the light started pulsating; that must have been him trying out the drill. I hoped it would be a success!

I went to the far end. I retrieved a whole collection of drill bits, some remaining explosives, and several coils of (heavy!) electrical wire. That pretty much filled up the bag. I managed to also shove in the mini breaker, a lump hammer, some chocolate and a detonator. And some rubbish. Then the bag was overflowing and terribly heavy!

I lugged it back, sweating profusely. I found Miles throwing rocks down. The drill hadn't worked well. Bugger! I left the anvil of a bag and clambered past him to see if I could do something similar higher up. And I could! I had the crowbar there, and I noticed I could move quite a lot of rocks. I started chucking stuff down and realised how I'd missed that. I made good progress! I cleared out several meters of passage. The way from there was not clear; I was digging between two reassuringly large rocks, but they were at an angle so the passage got narrower and narrower. That is a difficult situation to turn into a passage. But we have been in a situation like that, where the way on wasn't evident, many times before and generally we come up with something.

It was a good moment to stop, anyway. Together we unpacked my bag; it turned out that Miles had forgot about several of the items I had retrieved. It was a bit like Christmas! And I think that with only one more mission I can have the entire dig spotless. Next time Miles forgets the drill I know what to do... but let's hope he won't. I hope we'll be back next week, this time WITH a drill!

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