11 November 2016

Final project sprint

No report of weekend digging this time! Nor climbing updates. It's one of those weeks. The final project meeting is imminent and I have to make a bit of a final dash for it. I haven't been climbing for a few weeks now, as it seemed the logical first thing to drop in times of time shortage. I still have been going underground but I missed the last Sunday dig. With pain in my heart! But I will be back.

 Purposefully low-resolution slide from the presentation I will give in Sheffield

When the project meeting is over I might still be rather busy, as I am expected to finish up as much as I can while my contract lasts, and I have marking to do too, but my contract runs out at the end of the month, so I might have more time after that.

There are two options at the end of November: either I get a few weeks more money from Sheffield, or I don't. If I do, I will still be busy then. If I don't, I will not stop working. I never do. I normally have a few months between contracts during which I generally get to keep my office, and just plough on. One needs the publications, the teaching qualifications, and whatnot for one's further career! So I am quite used to working for free once in a while. I most certainly intend to do just that if the Sheffield money doesn't come through.

The Sheffield money, BTW, is a pot of money potentially left over from the entire project, which is run from Sheffield. It could possibly be used to pay someone to tie up some loose project ends. Someone like me! But nothing is certain. Watch this space.

And beyond that? Well, as I wrote before, by February James is leaving, and it is possible the university will need someone to take over his teaching load. And if they do, then I would be a logical candidate. So I am keen on staying put until that decision has been made! I am sure it will be rather soon; February is coming close.

My future is still rather uncertain, but I am quite fine with now going un workaholic mode, with good hope I will have some time to catch up wth fun soon after. And who knows, maybe good news pops up some time soon about the slightly longer future!

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