18 September 2016

Teaching season about to start

Bangor University has a body dedicated to improving teaching. They are the people that offer the PGCertHE. They also provide workshops in all sorts of things, and once a year, they organise a one-day conference on teaching. I went last year, as I had just started the PGCertHE, and I went this year again, as I find it interesting. And it was! This year the theme was “transitions” and people spoke on a plethora of different interpretations of that theme. Transition from school to university, from fresher to second year student, from student to staff, from full-time to part-time, from old-fashioned exams to audiovisual assessment… etc. Interesting indeed!

Another thing that happened was that we got the annual email asking who was willing to give a taster lecture to the freshers during welcome week. I volunteered! So that’s coming up too.
There were some students who had done resits of modules; I marked one for James as he was away, and two of my own assignment. Not necessarily a nice job as the students who need resits are never the high flyers, but well, it has to be done. 

The assignment I will be doing this year is also coming up. It’s overthrown so rigorously it’ll be exciting to see how it will pan out! And this assignment is also what the second part of my PGCertHE portfolio is centred around, so that is moving on at the same speed. And I have submittedthe first part! The deadline isn’t until October the 3rd but I decided to send it off. I do not intend to change anything. I need my time for the second part! So altogether I have enough to do on the teaching front. I enjoy that! But as usual, I have to make sure I also keep time for my day job…

The CELT conference

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