05 August 2015

The results are in

I knew I would likely come home to the results of my Welsh tests, or at least the most important one. And I did! But that cruise was so much bigger than the exam results I opened that letter with only mild curiosity. It’s not something I can complain about; it boils down to that my life is too exciting to care too much about exam results. But it’s a nice set (both results are in by now) of quantified facts; great for a blog. So what are the results? I passed both; a regular pass for the big exam and pass with distinction for the other one. The threshold values were 60% for pass and 80% for distinction. I had 72.5% for the big one and 90.8% for the other one. So I’m content! And I passed almost all the separate parts (listening, reading, talking, etc) in their own right. The only exception was the conversation task; I scored 53% on that. Oh dear! Well a month of only reading and not speaking Welsh on the boat (we had a Welshman on the boat, but he was from the south, and he didn't speak a word of it) has now gone, and I should go and practice my conversation. I hope there are many Welsh speakers coming Thursday night! 

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