20 May 2015

Run along the coastal path

The week before I had decided to run to the northwest Anglesey coast and then along it. The path hadn’t been very good, and I hadtaken a wrong turn, so I had made it to the coast, but not somewhere from whereyou could run in the direction I had intended. I was going to be more efficient this time. I drove to the actual coast, and got straight onto the coastal path. It was a beautiful day! And the path was beautiful too. It was a veritable holiday postcard. Blue foamy seas, rocky coasts with small sheltered beaches, carpets of purple flowers and overly affectionate dogs. All good! I did some 1.5 hours. With no pressure in the form of a looming race! I think I’ll go back to where I turned around this time, and run further along. It seems to stay really beautiful for quite some distance!

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