08 January 2014

New year, new chances

It's 2014, the year in which my contract expires. It's close now! It won't be until the end of August, but that's not actually that far away. I had already started to look for jobs, but those I apply for now have starting dates of April-ish. That means, in a way, that I have five months to get me a job. Six would be fine too, actually. Or seven! There's nothing wrong with being unemployed if you already have a new job lined up. And I don't have to waste time; I have a rather spiffing home office these days.
But in order to have a job lined up one needs to get offered one. These days two new applications are going out. One in Bangor, and one in Stockholm... who knows. Maybe one of them will be successful. And if not I'll have to step up my game; this year it has to happen! Preferably no later than spring...

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