06 May 2013

More running that I thought

In winter I established my new running routine. With a profound lack of showers on my side of the campus, I swapped from lunch running with colleagues (even though, in the end, it was more "with colleague"; only Hugh was still going) to running before work. Although I must admit I swapped with a bit of a gap in between, of no running at all. And that routine, ill-omened as it may have been (how many people decide to go running in January? And how many are still going strong in May?) is still functioning swimmingly. I go every second day. And it's not a long run; on a fast day it only takes 24 minutes. And in spite of it being clearly beneficial, that way it forms a pale comparison with 1.5 years ago, when I would do off-road races of up to 10 miles all the time. So although I admire my own discipline in running regularly, and sometimes already being out on the street before 7AM, I don't feel like a serious runner. And I've only been a runner at all for about three years. So I was surprised that these modest efforts have lead, after all, to serious wear and tear on my running shoes! The sole is wearing through. Blimey. All this kit that feels like I have only had it since yesterday (like water bottles) wears out before you know it. Signs that even if you don't notice it, time is passing in large quantities! Life's not waiting!

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