26 November 2012

Computer problems - NOT AGAIN!!

I am close to tears now. I came into the office after 5 today, having participated in a course I will later say more about. I saw that there was a package for me - would it be the so long awaited hub? It was!

My computer problems began when I got a laptop as a replacement for my Georgian desktop. I plugged my hub in, and then everything went haywire. The hub, which had been working fine with the old computer, spontaneously died. And the external hard disk that held all my data died with it. It took forever to diagnose the problems, send both hub and disk back to the manufacturers, get my data back from other hard disks, get a replacement disk, re-organise my files, and get back to work. Everything was almost working, and getting the hub back would restore everything back to normal.

Keep dreaming. I got the hub, needed an USB port for it, so I unplugged what I thought was the most innocuous: the mouse. I plugged it back into the hub.

It didn't work. I plugged it back into the docking station. Nothing. I did a restart. It didn't help. I did a system restore. It didn't help. This mouse wouldn't come back to life. And the computer claimed the device was working properly...

I gave up on the mouse, and send a message to the support desk, using the touch pad of the laptop. Then I got worried about the external hard drive not showing its reassuring light. It wasn't working. I had plugged it where I want it: in the hub. I tried it directly in the laptop. Nothing. I tried a USB stick in the laptop. It got recognised! Then I tried the stick in the hub. Nothing. By the looks of it, the new hub hasn't survived being plugged into this computer for even five minutes. And by the looks of it, it has taken my brand new external hard drive with it. NOT AGAIN! I AM SO TIRED OF THIS! I know it's impolite to shout, but i just want to work! I just want a computer that works! And yes, as I don't get any central disk space at this ludicrous university, that does involve a battery of hard drives. And therefore a hub. Is that really too much to ask? I sent a follow-up message to the helpdesk. By now it's almost 7PM. I'm going home. I don't think it will be a nice evening... and tomorrow I just hope the helpdesk chaps show up. If they get my mouse to work I can at least get back to work in a reasonably comfortable way. I'll have to immediately run another back-up if my disk is indeed fried again. And then what? Send these peripherals back again? Not much use if the replacements won't last a minute... I hope they find out what's wrong. The hub is windows 7 compatible, the box says. It sure isn't compatible with this machine. If it's the machine that eats my peripherals that needs to be stopped. I am here to do research! Not to battle losing battles with hardware! @&$£+&%!!!!

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