27 June 2012

Meet the parents

“I can imagine that Hugh is nervous about introducing such a scruffy girl to his parents!” Roland had a positive view on the situation. Hugh’s parents are rather keen travellers, and had ventured into our neck of the woods. So that presented an excellent occasion for me to meet them! And vice versa.

They had rented a cottage in pretty Salcombe; a much more scenic place to enjoy England than war-flattened Plymouth. It’s one of these cute villages on an estuary on the south coast. So on a slightly gloomy Saturday morning we drove there.

We had an excellent day! The weather was reasonably obliging; we managed to evade the showers. We took it easy; just had a chat on the couch, had a stroll through town, enjoyed a pint on a terrace with excellent view on the estuary, and had a nice meal accompanied by Yorkshire wine (really!). Hugh’s parents turned out be really nice people; if they think I’m scruffy they are too Anglo-Saxon to show it!

We couldn’t stay long; the next day we were off to a wedding. The good thing about that was that I could invoke the help of Hugh’s mother in doing my hair. Hugh was a bit insulted I thought he and I could not do that unaided, but when he confessed he could not braid I brushed his objections aside. And the result was excellent! Watch this space.

Next week they’ll come to Plymouth; I look forward to seeing them again!


Lourens said...

2 things:

- How dare Roland call you scruffy?! Hasn't he seen the pictures of your latest fashion explorations?
- What exactly is wrong with looking scruffy?...

Margot said...

He was joking dear Lourens! (He didn't at all hesitate to introduce me to his own mother, though I admit that's different!)