09 November 2011

Arty pics of wet Dartmoor

When I go on a swamphike I bring a waterproof camera. When Maaike went on last month's swamphike she brought no fewer than four cameras, none of which waterproof. It seemed not to have led to loss of camera life! And it did result in some marvellous artistic old school pics. I have no idea what the technical details of these pictures are, but I thought they were so beautiful I wanted to put some on the blog. And Maaike let me! So here is a selection. I hope one agrees they are splendid indeed.

All pictures by Maaike

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Viking said...

Ooh! Those are nice indeed! I didn't look into Maaikes pics properly yet, but thanks for the pre-selection. And thanks Maaike for this interesting view on our Swamp-adventure...