29 June 2010

Industrial poetry

It may be Tuesday as I write this, but tonight there's no underground trip. There's a talk organised by the Trevithick society, on Fowey Consols. Tonight I'll find out what's so special about them. Richard Trevithick, by the way, was a 18th/19th century mining engineer, and (one of) the father(s) of steam transport, and the society named after him strives for the preservation of Cornish industrial heritage. 

No mud and helmets tonight, so I figured this would be a good moment to sneak in a picture of some mining poetry. I once walked past ome remnants of a large mine, and one of the relics was given a voice through a poem spraypainted on it. The poem didn't make it to the blog at the time, but today may be a good day to make up for that.  Enjoy!


Maaike said...

De wereld wordt mooier van meer po√ęzie in het wild.


Margot said...