16 January 2010

Wave of executiveness

I think I'm starting another blogpost with a non-existent word. English doesn't have enough of them! Many people try to convince me it's the language with the biggest vocabulary that there is (impossible to check, evidently, but that rarely stops people from having convictions) but whether it does or not: it needs more. Stuart was one of the few who wasn't impressed either; "doldrums and aporias around every corner", is how he described it. But this all is beside the point. I was feeling executive!

My kitchen had been a mess for a while, with only one garbage bin while Plymouth splits its waste in two, a big pile of muddy caving-related stuff, and a plethora of worn out moving boxes. My desk was completely covered by my old monitor. Is that good? No! What does one need to do? Get rid of it! And I'm a complete non-talent at trowing things away, and the size, weight and nature of the boxes and the monitor meant transport needed to be performed by car, and I don't like driving, especially on a saturday, but I managed to kick myself violently enough in the procrastinating bum. So I loaded up the car and went! Impressing myself immensely.

The recycling centre itself is not immensely impressive

Tossing things away cleared up but did not solve the issue of piles of whatnot on my kitchen floor. So I unwaveringly hastened to a second hand shop and got me a piece of furniture that looked like it was made for dangling muddy garments from, and a waste basket. And they're in place now! My kitchen is so tidy and organised. More vuxenpoang again, but I think these are to be enjoyed. Or is a cupboard especially for muddy garments not a grown-up thing to have? And know I write this post at my empty desk!

Ta-daa! A real lady's kitchen.


De TV-psycholoog said...

You can forget those points...

Margot said...

Fewer negative points? It really is much tidier now!

Henco said...

Reliable scientific research (n=1) revealed that de picture in the link represents the real ladies kitchen.


I noticed some differences, but I'm a man so maybe these differences seem futile to the real lady.