16 November 2009

Bikes in the kitchen

When I came home sunday I found a note on my door. A note! What would that be? It turned out to speak of heroic deeds! One of my neighbours had noticed a suspect figure faffing with my bikes, and addressed this villain. The villain knew what evildoers are supposed to do in such case, and ran. The neighbour then placed my bikes in the corridor. And, evidently, told me of this through that note. A hero! Saved my bikes! But now I won't let them stand outside anymore. I'm glad I have a sizeable kitchen. Even though it's a pain to manouvre the bulky bikes into it... but if that's what it takes then that's what I'll do!

It was, by the way, a very topical scene. Recently a movie was released here in the UK that deals with the havoc "hoodies" wreak on the British streets. It has drawn lots of attention. And this failed bike thief was of course also donned in the garment after which they are neamed...

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