06 November 2012

Finbar's secret mine

When work is hectic it is tempting to skip caving. But experience has taught me that I shouldn't; getting underground cleans up your head. And in the week that wasn't preceded by a weekend, and which would have not only the troubled computer change-over, but also the troubled boiler change-over, I would need that. And it was better than I had expected!

I thought we would visit a venue I had visited a few times before. But no! Finbar had something up his sleeve. A venue he had not shown many people. Rick had been there; he recommended it, so that did it. Off I went!

Indeed, it was hard to find. And it wasn't big. But what a gem! Lovely stoping, lovely timbering. They had to drag me out, because I was inclined to just keep taking pictures. A good call to come down!

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