15 November 2012

Cinderella has space

I have now been walking on new insoles for almost four days now. They clearly do the job! They don't feel symmetrical; maybe 'll go back for a check-up. But altogether I'm satisfied. Does that mean I'm now walking on shoes size 4? No...

I still have one pair of shoes my "real" size. I bought them for my PhD graduation ceremony; I couldn't find anything I could fit my soles in... and a Dutch ceremony is fairly short (1.5 h? 2h?), so even though you have to stand during all of that, I figured I would manage. However, when I attended that ceremony, the shoes were somewhere in a moving company's lorry somewhere in Europe. Not very useful. But I never got rid of them.

The new insoles are indeed much thinner, but still too thick to allow me to wear them inside these shoes. A pity! I think I can move to a size 5 now. I might go shoe-shopping on Saturday... for now I'm wearing size 6 with woolly socks!

A new insole!

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