15 November 2012

Computer problems: an update

I've had the computer now for over two weeks! It's been trying. But it's getting better.

The problems with the computer itself have been solved. I have received a replacement for the faulty external hard drive. I have copied everything over to it, and I have configured SyncToy to back it up on two other hard disks. I must say, that package works rather nicely! I used to use Nero Autobackup, but that's a most clumsy program. It makes back-up files that are cryptic, big, and difficult to get rid of. It took me a long time to remove the autobackup clutter. SyncToy is much more elegant.

The replacement hard disk! And some homeless USB plugs...

I have also received my new digital pen; I got it to sort-of work. It seems to be rather dependent on the mouse; if you have the mouse configured left-handedly, the digital pen can only do right clicks. No use! I now changed the mouse back to right-handedness. Which means the digital pen will only do left mouse clicks. And I operate the mouse with the wrong fingers. It's far from ideal, but that's all I seem to be able to get with this hardware! Maybe I should have invested more; I bought a fairly cheap Trust pen, but maybe I should have coughed up more (~2.5 times more) for a Wacom; they have a better reputation. My old one was a Wacom; it shows its quality by having served me all the way from my PhD to my 3rd postdoc position! And would have gone on if its software hadn't gone outdated...

The new digital pen (left) and the old one (right)

I'm still waiting for my hub... I run out of USB ports. As soon as I have it I want to make an extra backup on an extra drive, so I have everything in three locations. And I'm safe! And then I have an empty disk for in case one of the ones in use gives up.

Once the hub is here, things can get back to normal! I look forward to it...

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