12 December 2009

Car inaugurated, camera buried

So much to do, so little time! What did I have to do? Try out my car for real, of course! And buy a roof rack for it, and a bicycle rack. It's important! What's a car if you cannot strap all sorts of large objects onto it? My blue jacket was ready for being retrieved from the tailor, I had run out of food (except for potatoes and cheddar; it could be worse). I am a complete disaster with birthdays, but I try to better my life, and I had to buy a present for someone who is due coming monday...

I figured I had better buy a satnav. England has so many more roads than northern Norway does! You can't possibly memorise them all. And reading a map while driving is a bad idea. Especially for me. And it's not that urgent, but I had to go to a shop that sells car parapehernalia anyway, for the roof rack. Bring it on!

So first things first. Buying breakfast seemed like a good start. And the taylor is on the way to the shop. So after breakfast I could go find a shop that would sell the intended present, in my repaired jacket. And there was one quite near! And the deal was soon sealed. And the weather was great, so I wanted to postpone everything else, and drive nervously to a petrol station (would I make it?) and then to the Moors. Finally!

I made it to the petrol station! Much more relaxed I managed to find my way to Dartmoor, on memory. The car worked, and I drove like, well, someone who is not used to the car yet, and is not familiar with the way, to put it that way, but practice makes perfect! And what a day for going to the Moors. We had had rain for weeks, but not this day. And it's actually quite beautiful! I made lots of pictures.

A blue car in a beautiful landscape!

Blue car with proud owner. With repaired, blue jacket!

Dartmoor evidently is as similar to Troms as it gets within southern England...

Until my camera refused. Damn! That's the second in a short while. That'll be another insurance case. I hold the opinion that if you see something beautiful you can enjoy it as long as you see it, but if you take a picture you can enjoy it forever. So going around without a working camera to me is missing out on almost all the fun. Despite by doing such losing a very, very rare day of sunny weather, I decided to cut short my walk, and try to buy another camera before the day was over. I decided that with the rate I reduce these things to scrap I should reconsider my move, and buy a waterproof one. Maybe it would last me a while!

So I went back, lost my way, made it to a conglomerate of large shops, found out I was on the wrong side, got confused, ended up in the wrong lane, saw myself drive back to town, gave up, parked in front of the door, made myself a coffee, and tried again, this time on bike. That works so much better! I found a nearby shop that sold roof- and bicyle racks (but no satnavs), and after a few tries I found a shop that had one last waterproof camera for sale. A panasonic Lumix, and old love, even! It was all working out!

I brought it home, went to the supermarket again (this time a more distant specimen that has more organic stuff), cooked food, ate it, and went to the office. Must blog about exploits! Must! Working blue cars, working blue cameras and not working black cameras are worth mentioning... as well as what happened the day before! Again, it was a very good day, but sometimes I should have less hectic ones...


Anonymous said...

nice landscape, but you seem to prefer the underground these days?


Allard said...

He Margootje,

Gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag morgen! Ben ook erg onder de indruk van je nieuwe wagen... Jaloers!


Margot said...

Hi Max! Well, a bit of both is best! And alliteration is fun too!

Margot said...

Dankjewel Allard! En, ik weet waar jij gaat wonen, en ik weet hoe handig een auto daar is... maar kom vooral een keer langs, dan mag je erin rijden!