20 December 2009

Brits can't party

Brits can dress! Dutch people in a suit look silly, but Brits pull it off. Who saw Alex receiving his masters degree, or Paul meet the Dutch ambassador, knows it's true. So I had good hopes for the departmental christmas party! Rob had been asking about opportunities for wearing his tuxedo since he got the job. Roland has one too! I really saw all that come together. Unfortunately, Brits are also very passive, conventional people. Nobody dares to be overdressed! I tried for weeks convincing everybody to dress up for the christmas party, but I met such tar-like resistance I lost all motivation myself.

The actual party took place in a soulless venue, where it was freezing cold. Nobody looked smart! Nobody danced. We went to a nearby pub by 9 or so. I was in bed early. This was a bit of a disappointment! Thinking back of Carsten and Rafael in three piece suits, of Erlend in black and red, of dancing the night away with Audun, Harald, Yngve, Stein, Per... who would have thought that the normally GoreTex-covered, outdoor sweating Norwegians dress and dance the Brits straight into the ground! Would it only be the Brits that leave the country that have any style? Makes one wonder...

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