26 December 2021

Travel plans scuppered

Omicron was rampant, and left and right, European countries closed their borders for travellers from the UK. But the Netherlands hadn't done so. And I didn't think they would make last-minute changes. However; I was keeping an eye on things. The day before I was supposed to travel to the Netherlands for Christmas I had another look at the rules. And then my heart sank. So far it had been the case that for some reason, the UK was not listed as a country with a variant of concern, so you could still go into the Netherlands without self-isolating. But then suddenly things had changed. From that very day onwards, travellers from the UK would have to self-isolate for 10 days. So just a day before I travel, I had to cancel everything again. I go to the Netherlands to see people! Not to be locked up in someone's spare room and occasionally retrieve a sandwich that has kindly been put in front of the door. So that was my Christmas plans down the drain, and quite a lot of my mother's as well. My other relatives would just get together anyway but now without me. I haven't seen them in a while!

When I saw that I first did a round of phone calls. I had to tell everyone I wasn't going. And then I saw what I could cancel; my ticket was refundable, and for my airport parking I got a voucher. My various covid tests might come in handy the next time. How long are these things valid? I also went to see the neighbour who now didn't need to come and feed the cat.

I was a bit sad, but immediately people started rallying around them suggesting social activities. Soon I had a virtual dinner with my finished sister on the cards, and a real Christmas dinner with Jaco and Marjan. And I could look forward to some quality time with my nose in the cat's fur. She had no idea what change had just taken place!

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