14 July 2021

Beet harvest

I have one vegetable bed in the upstairs garden, and two downstairs. I have made a conscientious effort to fertilise the ones downstairs; I didn't do anything about the upstairs one. However; for some reason, the upstairs veg bed is a lot more productive than the other ones. I had planted potatoes in both; in the upper bed they came up and looked good. I had pretty much already given up on the ones downstairs by the time they showed some hesitant foliage. I had also planted some trial beetroot in the upstairs bed. They did well! So I sowed more, and planted it out in the downstairs bed. I don't think that will give me a good crop. But one day I figured that the plants in the upstairs bed probably yielded enough root material for a meal. So I pulled them out! They had clearly spent a lot of energy on the plants; these were huge. But in spite of that I still had a meal out of them! I was proud. I think I need to do some serious improvement of the downstairs veg beds and then I might might be a bit more successful in producing my own vegetables. And I am already looking forward to my potato crop at the end of the season! Not sure if the other vegetables will do much; I still have some kale, kohlrabi and carrots upstairs. I have hope! And I have some herbs there, which are doing well. I could make some mint tea soon! And pasta with Sage! Watch this space…

Huge beetroot plants with small beets, but still just enough

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