14 September 2009

Message from the north

Like a thief in the night I took residence in Kirkby Place. Most people were on holiday, my boss had to look after the kid the entire morning, my room did not have my name on the door, my face was absent on the picture board at the entrance, my name was missing on the in/out board beside it... and I did not expect to have a mailbox. After a few days I checked. But lo and behold, my name was on a pidgeon hole! Together with the names of at least three other elusive types. No mail for me.

Today I looked again. And suddenly realised that the names refer to the pidgeonhole below. Not above! And I had mail! A postcard from Sanja! A voice coming through the mists. A beckoning from the north! My first forams were waiting in the lab but I was so touched I decided to share this first.

Not that messages delivered by other means are not appreciated, by the way, but there is something about hand written messages that characters on s screen just don't have. And soon I'll have a real address, and I can receive mail there. Even better! And beside that: I already have my name on the door and on the in/out board. Soon I'll even have my picture in the hallway! I really come into existence!

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